So many examples, so little time.


Greta is not a scientist and just a kid – we shouldn’t believe what she says.

See the backers behind Greta – she is not impartial and her message is tainted and crafted. She is just a tool for her backers and therefore we shouldn’t believe what she says.

There are scientists who disagree with IPCC’s SR15 report on climate change, it’s not a 100% consensus. Therefore it has an strong or equal chance of being untrue.

Humans only contribute a tiny fraction of the global C02 emissions compared to nature. Therefore humans contributing to climate change is a lie.

Vaccines contain mercury and it’s proven that mercury is poisonous. Vaccines are poisoning children.

Unless evidence is 100% conclusive, it cannot be believed and relied upon.

All evidence are beliefs, and all beliefs have an equal chance of being true.

Giving tax breaks to the rich will create more jobs for the poor, and the money will flow back into the economy.

Everyone is born with an equal chance of achieving the same results from the same effort.


The amount of specious statements and arguments being repeated and shared online is insane.

Welcome to the age of misinformation and the age of I don’t really know what the fuck is going on so I’ll just believe whatever I’m told and makes me feel good.

Hello, Black Mirror.

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