Everything good comes from somewhere good.

If we don’t listen to ourselves, we won’t be able to listen to anyone else.

If we can’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

If we won’t help ourselves, we won’t be able to help anyone…

Of the many things I’ve learned, discovered and distilled, one of the most impactful for me has been this:

“I am not bound.”

On the surface it comes across as a platitude, an observation and realization that is only superficial and has the same meaning as “I am free”. One…

If we step back and really look at ourselves objectively, many times we would see how we ask (or demand) from others what we don’t even give ourselves. We ask for others to do for us what we won’t even do for ourselves.

We ask to be respected.

We ask…

What will we sell today?

It’s funny that we broadcast our looks as our key value proposition, and become sad when others don’t see who we really are, our “real” value and who we are inside.

What are selling in the first place?

If the main value we broadcast is…

I’ve always wanted to be fitter, slimmer and lighter. But I never could seem to do it after all these years. I came close and then something always happens, and my resolve fizzles.

I think I found out why last year. The reason I couldn’t stick to it was because…

Conversation with The Master, by Paolo Coelho

I’ve wondered why one of the most natural things that we are created to do is considered evil, dirty, sinful, and taboo by so many, entrenched in their beliefs. I once read that it’s how we can control others — by denying them…


Hi I’m James. Nice to meet you. Thank you for dropping by. You can find me at war.baby. :)

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